When we launched the Pride & Progress podcast we did so with this statement:

'For a while now, we have been organising events for LGBT+ educators and allies to discuss inclusive education. During these events, people shared powerful stories of pride, and of the progress being made in education. We want to share these stories, to amplify the voices of LGBT+ educators and celebrate inclusion, progress, and the power of diversity.

We are living in a unique and pivotal moment for inclusive education. Now, for the first time ever, educators are strongly encouraged and enabled to make education, and our educational spaces, inclusive of LGBT+ lives. This requires a complete reimagining of what education could, and should, look like: an education that reflects the diverse society, allowing all people to see themselves and to feel they belong.

Join us as we amplify the voices of these LGBT+ educators and allies, share their stories of pride and progress, and celebrate the true power of diversity in education.'

Since then we have shared four seasons, amplifying the voices of over 80 LGBT+ educators and allies. See all episodes below. 

'Pride & Progress Bites' is a new P&P mini-series. 

We've been releasing the Pride & Progress podcast for 3 years now, and the podcast is built on the belief that stories start change. 

Stories are incredibly powerful, and even a short story has the power to start meaningful change. In each 'Pride & Progress Bite, we hear from an LGBT+ educator or ally, each sharing a short story of pride & progress from their school or community. 

'Pride & Progress Bites' are videos on our website. The series is ongoing - if you have a bite-size story of pride & progress which you'd like to share in your own episode - get in touch, we'd love to hear your idea.