Adam and Jo have created a safe, yet brave, space for LGBTQIA+ educators and allies to reflect, discuss and learn. Between the podcast, their book, their network meetings and their training sessions they offer different layers of support to individuals, teams and organisations. We are supporters of their work and collaborate with their values-aligned approach to DEIB work in schools.”

Hannah Wilson, Co-Founder of Diverse Educators

I've worked with the team behind Pride & Progreess, their work is always intentional, thought-provoking and inspiring. Through the Pride & Progress network, I have been able to connect with and hear from allies and activits that I wouldn't normally get a chance to hear from. The work of Pride & Progress is vital and I am proud to be a member of their community.

Bennie Kara, Co-Founder of Diverse Educators

“We have worked with the Pride and Progress team for some time. Their book is incredibly insightful and informative and their podcast is essential listening. It is a pleasure to work with them and be part of their journey.”

Daniel Tomlinson-Grey, Co-Founder LGBTed

Pride & Progress are doing excellent work. It is admirable, really important, and vital. I feel like we are in safe hands... An initiative like this did not exist when I was in school. and the fact it exists now is amazing - I think it's awesome."

Fisayo Akinade, Mr Ajayi in Netflix's Heartstopper

“I was honoured to collaborate with Pride & Progress on an earlier episode of their podcast. They are doing great work to amplify the voices of LGBT+ educators and to reimagine educational spaces to make them more equitable and inclusive for all LGBT+ people.

Peter Tatchell, Director at Peter Tatchell Foundation'

I've met and worked with the Pride & Progress team many times now, and it has been a pleasure to work with them. The work Pride & Progress are doing is helping to create educational spaces where LGBT+ people can feel safe, seen and supported. So check out their book: 'Pride & Progress: Making Schools LGBT+ Inclusive Spaces' based on their podcast."

Sue Sanders, Co-Founder of LGBT+ History Month UK

I am delighted to have featured in the Pride & Progress podcast and book. Adam and Jo are doing fantastic work on LGBTQ+ inclusion, and our schools are much better place for both LGBTQ+ staff and students because of the important work they do.

Professor Catherine Lee, Author of 'Pretended'

Pride & Progress is a great resource for educators, as well as helping to create a supportive environment for LGBTQIA+ students in schools - I wish that it has excisted when I was 16!" 

Paul Baker, Author of 'OUTRAGEOUS', 'FABULOSA; & 'CAMP'

“Adam and Jo have created an amazing, uplifting, supportive community build on empathy, kindness and hope."  

Ian Eagleton, author of 'Glitter Boy'

“A fantastic podcast showcasing a number of superb expets across an intersectioanl spectrum - I'm proud to have been a small part of the show!”

Olly Pike, Pop'N'Ollie

Pride and Progress is the ultimate audio accompaniment to the LGBT+ Educators movement in the UK – our members have an adoration for the show unlike no other and we are proud to work with Adam and Jo. 

DBH, LGBT+ Educators Organiser, NEU

“Pride and Progress has truly impacted my life beyond belief. As both an educator and a consultant in LGBT+ inclusion, I have developed my practice extensively due to the guidance and support of Jo & Adam. Through Pride and Progress, I’ve had many opportunities in my career to be a part of real change in making schools and leaders more inclusive of the LGBT+ community. This platform, with their podcast, book and network are a uniquely placed beacon of hope to all who seek to make our workplaces more inclusive and welcoming. Adam and Jo are true leaders at the very forefront of changing education for the better.”

George White ,

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Adam and Jo as guests on their podcast, we loved chatting about how we can reimagine and improvie inclusivity in educational spaces.

The Proud Trust: Home of LGBT+ Youth