Pride & Progress was founded by 

Dr Adam Brett and Jo Brassington

We are a podcast, platform, and community group amplifying the voices of LGBT+ educators and explore ways to collectively reimagine our educational spaces as more LGBT+ inclusive. Although the focus of our work is LGBT+ inclusion, we believe in a holisitc approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion so that every person in a school community can feel free to be themselves, feel safe, feel seen, feel supported, and feel like they belong. 

Dr Adam Brett he / him

Adam is a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Derby with research interests including LGBT+, SEND, and diversity and inclusion. A secondary teacher and leader for 15 years, he now works on teacher training programmes with both primary and secondary trainees.

Jo Brassington they / them

Jo is an education facilitator, speaker, and author who works with schools, universities, charities, and businesses to support them to create spaces which are more emotionally honest and inclusive for all people. They specialise in creating LGBT+ inclusive spaces.

Conversations with LGBT+ educators and allies, exploring ways to reimagine our educational spaces. 

Amplifying the voices of LGBT+ educators, and sharing useful content or resources. 

Community events for LGBT+ educators and allies to learn together and build connections. 

Helping educators to make their educational spaces more LGBT+ inclusive spaces. 

Pride & Progress: Making Schools LGBT+ Inclusive Spaces

In 2023 we published our first book 'Pride & Progress: Making Schools LGBT+ Inclusive Spaces'. The book brings together research, theory, and the lived experiences of our podcast guests to explore 10 key themes. Each theme is explored in theory, in practice, and in action to create an essential guide for educators wanting to make their educational space more LGBT+ inclusive.