Caring for the Grey in LGBTQ+

As part of LGBTQ+ History Month 2024, this was an online panel discussion, hosted by the University of York, looking at the challenges and opportunities for supporting older LGBTQ+ people inclusively.

Que(e)rying Leadership

In this talk, Alex Baird shares their EdD research, entitled 'Que(e)rying Leadership', which examines the importance and value of LGBTQ+ leaders.

The Power of the Gaze Gays

In this talk, Adam explores the ways in which LGBT+ teachers often experience their schools as spaces of surveillance. He goes on to imagine the ways in which LGBT+ teacher visibility can be powerful and even transformational.

Space, Stress, and Surveillance

In this talk, Adam examines the concepts of panoptic surveillance, minority stress, and spatial production, to explore the ways in which schools are produced as sites of cisgender heteronormativity.